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New! Reptile Fiction EP


It’s finally here!

Reptile Fiction’s new EP has just been uploaded to bandcamp.com for your listening pleasure.

Listen to it here:

Also check out this fun retro-video-game-themed promo video I made for it.

Thank you to all my friends who pushed me and gave me feedback during the recording process.

I’m glad to be done with it and hope your ears will be pleased.

Reptile Fiction EP nearing completion

So, I’m in the final stages of production for my Reptile Fiction EP.

When I make a song, I like to render it, put it on my iTunes and test it on various speakers.

I’ll play it in the car, on my headphones, on my home stereo and my laptop speakers.

I’ll play it in all these environments to see what I can improve in order to make the song a better experience.

I thought it would be fun to share some notes I’ve been taking while demoing these songs:


You too can demo a song from this EP by clicking here: “Last Night” by Reptile Fiction.


Dust + Vinyl

So I’ve been researching cameras to purchase for future video projects.

This is a test video I did with my friend Allison Lehman’s Cannon EOS 550D:

Dust + Vinyl from Retro Space Helmet on Vimeo.

I would like to start building a video library that will feature original songs created by me and others.

The song featured in this video was created by me and a friend of mine, Michael Edwards, in a collaborative band we call Dunvint.

Check out Michael’s Colorado-based indie band called Genetic Engines.