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8 Bits & Recent Happenings


1. First, I want to share my chiptune cover of a song called “Running“. It’s a song my friends and I made when we were in a band called Defending Legacy.

It was recently featured in the audio narration of The Wayward Irregualar’s article “And Our Lust Continued: The Super Nintendo Christmas“.

For the original version of “Running” by Defending Legacy, listen here.

2. Street Fighter & Mega Man’s 25th anniversary: Street Fighter X Mega Man

3. Reptile Fiction‘s continued EP production. My friend Michael Edwards has recently jumped on board to help me mix/master this beast or at least give me some pointers. I’m hoping to have this EP completed and available to everyone in January 2013.

4. Christmas present wrapping

5. Secret collaboration [Details will be revealed later…much later]

6. Playlists: Check out my most recent playlist on Rdio called “Synth-Popopotamus“.

7. Eating cereal

8. “The RGP” soundtrack. I’ve been casually working on a video game soundtrack for my friend’s game called “The RPG”. It’s supposedly an RPG styled game that spoofs a lot of cliche things about RPG’s. Should be a lot of fun.

Making Playlists

One of my passions in life is making playlists. With all these new music services popping up, it’s really a great time for me to get my playlist-creating fix.

Here are some things I try to do when making a playlist:

  • Keep the songs within a theme. The playlist pictured above is called “Electro-Pop Feel Good Music“. So I chose really fun, dancy electronic songs. (**NEW** Spotify Link: “Electro-Pop Feel Good Music“.)
  • Give the playlist a good pace, making sure the endings and beginnings of each song fit well together. (Of course, if you listen to it on shuffle, none of this matters.)
  • Make sure the playlist has high and low points when it comes to tempo and mood, as if it’s a story.
  • Most of all, have fun with it.

That’s just one approach to making playlists. Sometimes it’s fun to just throw a bunch of songs in a list and see where they land. Also, in order to breakdown my need to control everything, I’ll do a collaborative playlist and let others decide its’ fate.

My favorite music service is Rdio. It’s a fun way to listen to music with friends over the waves of the Internet. If you’re an Rdio subscriber, you can find me under Benji Robinson.

Let’s enjoy music together! Also, if you have certain quirks or methods when it comes to making playlists, share them in the comments below. Thanks!